Origami Owl, here's my story......what's yours?

Since getting married in 2008, I slowly developed an allergy to the nickle in my white gold wedding set. I’d had it re-dipped in Rhodium a few times and did the clear polish thing, only for it to rub right off and irritate the mess out of my finger. It’s been months since I’ve worn it. Thank God I came a cross a solution as I am proud to be married to my husband and would wear a banner if people wouldn’t think I was crazy. So I found out about this great company Origami Owl Custom Jewelry. You can purchase lockets, charms, chains, dangles, and ect. to make a personal necklace that tells your story.

I thought the jewelry was so amazing and unique, I joined their team and became, Heidi Keller, Independent Designer. I’ve had a blast selling and creating for myself and others. I got these new items in the mail today and was so excited to put it together.

I purchased the large locket as they hold more charms. Bought the C & H initial for me and my husband, the green birthstone because we’re both born in May, the love charms (self explanatory), and my new wedding ring. This one won’t be breaking out my finger anytime soon. The necklace and locket are all nickle free too!! Oh, I also ordered the key and the lock, you know, because my honey holds the key to my heart.

All and all, I’m in LOVE with this necklace and Origami Owl products period!!

So that was my story, what’s yours? Build yours today at http://keller.origamiowl.com/how-to-build/ and be sure to “Like” my Facebook page >>> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Origami-Owl-Heidi-Keller-Independent-Designer/329525173815666


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